Discover more about the YOUNGPRENEURS project!

Discover more about the YOUNGPRENEURS project! Connectus is a proud partner of the Youngpreneurs project, which aims to empower young women by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills and integrating them into the labor market. The project focuses on personal branding, digital marketing, intercultural management, and leadership. By addressing gender inequities and providing support, it seeks to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape where young women can thrive. In this project, Connectus is responsible for the core implementation, which involves upskilling young women (WP3) based on needs identified by WP2. This will be achieved using the most innovative techniques for curriculum development. Additionally, Connectus shares responsibility for the IT sections of the project, drawing on its extensive experience in developing OERs, platforms, and e-portfolios. Check out the Youngpreneurs project video to learn more about it here!

Elevate Your Skills with INAI4SME


Our project, INAI4SME (Interdisciplinary AI Training and Real-World Applications for SMEs), is designed to provide vocational education and training (VET) professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with cutting-edge AI training modules. These modules are crafted to enhance competencies and foster innovation, driving the digital transformation of both VET and SMEs.


#GREEN_SKILLS Professions for sustainability and ecological transition Project Name: #GREEN_SKILLS – Professions for sustainability and ecological transitionProgramme: Erasmus+Priority: KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school educationProject ID: 2023-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000175456 Website: Coming soonSocial media: Coming soonDuration: 24 monthsTopics: – Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education based on green skills knowledge.– Foster awareness, critical thinking and commitment of young generations to sustainability.– Support the inclusion of target groups in disadvantaged/fragile situations, through training in ecological transition professions. Project Description #GREEN_SKILLS aims to achieve several overarching goals. Firstly, it seeks to educate students about the objectives outlined in the 2030 Agenda, emphasizing the importance of global sustainability. Additionally, it aims to advocate for the integration of ‘green’ education into vocational training, preparing students for environmentally conscious careers. Moreover, the project strives to cultivate a sense of awareness, critical thinking, and dedication to sustainability among younger generations. It particularly focuses on reaching out to disadvantaged or vulnerable groups, providing them with training opportunities in fields related to ecological transition. Furthermore, #GREEN_SKILLS has specific objectives tailored to enhancing professional training in the ‘green’ sector. This involves implementing structured courses such as sustainability and circular economy analysis, as well as environmental management. By doing so, it aims to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in sustainability-focused professions. Another key aspect of our project is ambition to share and replicate successful outcomes on a broader scale, particularly at the European level. It also endeavors to introduce students to emerging concepts like the circular economy and bioeconomy, broadening their understanding of potential career paths in these areas. Ultimately, #GREEN_SKILLS aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and the evolving needs of the workforce, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the professions of the future. Project Consortium Project Coordinator:Liceo “G. Bianchi Dotula” – Italy Partners INNETICA – Spain Connectus – Greece E-Expert GmbH – Austria Agrupamento de Escolas Póvoa de Santa Iria – Portugal Ekonomska sola Novo mesto – Slovenia Vetrunge” gymnasium Klaipeda – Lithuania Project Results WP1 – European networking synergies and monitoring of the project phase WP2 – Research for change: comparison between different European realities on green skills between school and the world of work. WP3 – Innovative green skills training processes: circular economy and sustainability analyst. WP4 – Changing your lifestyle: being an environmental manager. WP5 – Enhance and make training experiences transferable: involve communities. Our role CONNECTUS will be the leader of WP4 and collaborate with the rest of the work packages. Impact The #GREEN_SKILLS project has the potential to foster a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future by empowering young people, building a skilled workforce, promoting social inclusion, and inspiring collective action on a global scale.

Mothers looking ahead!

Mothers looking ahead! Project Name: Mothers looking ahead!Programme: Erasmus+Priority: ADU: Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education.ADU: Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff.HORIZONTAL: Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport.Project ID: 2022-2-SK01-KA220-ADU-000100115Website: Coming soonSocial media: Coming soonDuration: 01/02/2023-01/02/2025Topics: Creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility and increasing take-up of adult education, Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff , Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport. Project Description The problem of mothers dropping out of education and facing difficulties in going back to education or training or entering the labour market with low qualifications is still a larger scale problem in Europe. The evidence suggests that being a mother usually means less education and lower future family income. International Labour Organisation statistics show a trend that basic and intermediate levels of education for women are associated with lower and declining employment over time. The high rates of unemployed mothers in Europe as well as the drops outs from education inspired us to create the Mothers Looking Ahead project which aims to create support measures for mothers who are not in education or training (also mothers who come from marginalised communities whether they be ethnic minorities, migrant communities or in many instances the general wider community) for them to get back to education and training and improve their chances in (re)entering the labour market and education in the new norma that Covid-19 has created with the distance learning and working. Mothers Looking Ahead will support educational and professional inclusion of mothers, by pursuing (raising their motivation) to rethink to re-entrer education or training in the new era of trainings provided in Europe by providing them support services (including career orientation, empowerment, motivation, soft skills, basic digital skills, job preparation training) to continue and finish the education or training and find a job. Project Consortium Project Coordinator:Newport Group, a.s- Slovakia Partners The Square Dot team – Belgium Connectus – Greece Spectrum Research Centre CLG- Ireland Rightchallenge Associação – Portugal Project Results WP1 – Project Management WP2 – Development of a framework for the establisment of the motivational programme for supporting the educational and professional inclusion of mothers WP3 – Development of training curriculum for the design and delivery of the Mothers looking ahead motivational programme WP4 – Delivery of a series of transnational mentoring forum in project countries WP5 – Dissemination and Exploitation Activities Our role — Impact The Mothers looking ahead project will benefit all partners active in educational programms of reskilling/upskilling of their trainers/staff/educators are going to participate both during the identification and the design of the training materials and its testing application combined with the implementation of the transnational mentoring forum enabling to broaden into the developed materials and transfer them to their trainings in their daily work through training their own staff and to investigate potential areas of establishing it. Other groups or organisations that will benefit; Mothers (either mothers who wishing to pursue a career in self-employment/entrepreneurs or find a job or looking into further professional development – with a special focus on mothers with fewer opportunities, living in rural and remote areas, facing socio-economic difficulties or any other potential source of discrimination and those with a migrant background) -Adult trainers/tutors/career coaches Secondary target groups: -Stakeholders and policy makers in the field of women integration into EU education and labor market -Training organisations and trainers in professional development and entrepreneurship (incl.VET, formal and non-formal training providers) -Organisations promoting women employability and entrepreneurship/self-employment (public, private,third sector of economy, including local and regional authorities at governmental level

GREEN-UP training wrap-up

green entrepreneurship We’re thrilled to wrap up an incredible training program on green entrepreneurship and skills with more than 15 participants in the framework of Erasmus+ GreenUp project.  A warm thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this training – participants, trainers, and partners. Your dedication to education and innovation is truly commendable! 🙏🌟 Stay tuned for more exciting journeys ahead! 🚀🌟#greenup #erasmusplus #education #enterpreneurship #environment #connectus