Digital solutions @ education

Our projects in the sector of education need nowadays applications that will transform the learning process into a fully digital experience able to reach out to more people in a more efficient way.

  • Online Pedagogical Toolkits for VET teachers and trainers
    Online platform gathering the necessary resources for the project beneficiaries to support them in improving the quality of their e-learning plans, contents, and assessment procedures. 
  • Digital galleries
    A comprehensive and practical package of Open Educational Resources (OER) including all the necessary teaching and learning materials (case studies, educational resources).
  • Online depositories of interactive (videos, podcasts etc) and co-creation activities that can be utilized by university teachers. This depository will be flexible and universities will select the resources that suit their context and the needs of their students.
  • Digital Platforms
    E-learning platforms that will make the exchange of knowledge and know-how easy and accessible, as well as sustainable techniques through learning material and activities.
  • Interactive infographics
    Challenged-based learning resources which will provide a suitable and effective framework for developing the key soft skills needed to enhance the cultural intelligence and tolerance of diversity among adult learners.
  • Toolkits of Digital Skills Development
    To support adult educators, VET providers, teachers and other professionals from the social and education field in the incorporation of online tools to enhance teaching and learning