Management of
EU-funded policy projects

Our team aims to develop tailor-made support mechanisms to actors in Greece that support the skills of the local population, social and economic integration processes of different target groups to local communities as well as support the current challenges and needs in the are of digital transition. 

Our mission is to support the link between the EU’s strategy into a better Europe for the citizen and the local actors in Greece in their path towards continuous improvement and strategy development.

Our services include project conceptualization, design, and management of projects and coordination of (large) research consortia in the context of EU-wide projects through various funding schemes, including Horizon and Erasmus+ projects and our activities include:

  • Management of the whole cycle of projects
  • Applied research to project development
  • Strategic planning: definition of strategic goals, vision & mission statements
  • Consortium management and strategic partnership orientation
  • Quality assurance
  • Event organization and management
  • Financial and administrative management: planning, budget and administrative control for public funds
  • Client management