Project branding & Dissemination strategy​

Next to the content of the project, the right dissemination strategy will increase external spillovers, increase efficiency and take off the visibility of every project and of its partnership. Our project’s branding ensures a uniform quality aesthetic through all of the various communication channels( e.g. social media, website, and promotional material), promotes a project legitimacy, and value messaging that is carried through the project life-cycle. Our dissemination strategies provide key guidelines for organizing and managing ongoing and robust activities to maintain project awareness, enrich outreach to target groups, and expands the breadth of the project’s purpose.
Our activities include:

  • Logo design and color schematic creation
  • Templates for reports and presentations
  • Social media monitoring and management
  • Social media content creation and posting material
  • Activity scheduling and organization for all project partners
  • Providing communications guidelines for both horizontal and vertical engagement