School & VET curricula

Our project invest in the education of the future and invest in the development of curricula for schools and VET centres that aim to support teachers in innovative teaching and enrich the training options of students contributing to the development of their personal and career choices after school. Our services involve:

  • Curriculum design for a wide range of thematic areas (digital developments, culture & heritage, skills development, environmental awareness, among other)
  • Training of teachers, mentors and trainers to face the challenges of a changing environment at school and towards the labor market
  • Development of curricula that aim to develop skills abut also mindsets and attitude of students and trainers
  • Implementation of educational strategies for skills development and inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • Development of training material and course-modules for the improvement and upscale of VET provision
  • Development and piloting of tools and educational material aiming to boost of entrepreneurship in Europe designed for employees, employers and vulnerable group.