Our Team

Dr. Elissavet Lykogianni
Founding Partner & Managing Director

Elissavet Lykogianni, PhD, is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of Connectus. Elissavet has extensive expertise in the policy domains of Research & Innovation, Digital market and Employment, Skills, Migration, Education and Social affairs. With her research background (PhD in Applied Economics), she has led numerous projects involving large, multi-disciplinary and international research teams of Universities and Research institutes and possesses a very strong network of researchers in the academic sector in Europe. 

During the past 15 years she has built considerable expertise in the coordination of policy-related studies and the management of international consortia for a variety of (framework) contracts for DG Research, DG Education, DG Competition, Cedefop, DG Connect, among other, such as the EC Multiple Framework Service Contract for Expert Support with the Production and Analysis of R&D Policy Indicators, Horizon projects and Grants in the areas of Migration and Inclusion, as well as studies in the areas of Employment, Education and Skills, Cultural Heritage, Digital policies, R&D and Innovation policies. 

Elissavet speaks fluently English, Dutch and Greek and understand French at intermediate level.

Michalis Karakonstantis
Project Manager

Michalis Karakonstantis is an accomplished professional with a profound academic background in German Language and Literature, further strengthened by a postgraduate degree in Linguistics. Currently serving as the EU Project Manager at The Square Dot Team, Michalis brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role.

With over a decade of dedicated involvement in projects centered around refugees and asylum seekers, Michalis has been instrumental in facilitating impactful initiatives. His rich portfolio includes training and consulting professionals engaged in teaching refugees, demonstrating his commitment to empowering both educators and learners within this domain.

Notably, Michalis held a pivotal position as the Chair of the Education Committee at ACCMR (Athens Coordinating Centre for Migrant and Refugees) for a commendable three-year term. His leadership and contributions have significantly influenced educational strategies and initiatives aimed at supporting migrant and refugee communities, reflecting his dedication to fostering inclusive and effective educational practices.

Michalis continues to leverage his extensive background, combining academic prowess with hands-on experience, to drive meaningful change and innovation in projects with a profound societal impact.

Olga Baliami
Assistant Project Manager

Olga Baliami is a dedicated student in primary education at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. With a strong commitment to promoting educational experiences, she combines academic rigor with a passion for creating engaging educational activities. As she progresses in her studies, Olga seeks to positively impact the lives of young learners, inspiring curiosity and a love for knowledge. Her journey as a student reflects not only a pursuit of academic excellence but also a sincere commitment to contributing to the educational landscape.

In addition, Olga brings valuable experience in training and activities, such as her involvement in programs like Erasmus, enriching her perspective and skills in fostering diverse and inclusive learning environments. Through her efforts, Olga Baliami aims to shape the future by empowering students with the tools they need to thrive in their educational journey.

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