Innovative Learning Experiences with GREEN-UP Project: Flipped Learning and Peer to Peer

The GREEN-UP project stands out for its objective to improve the entrepreneurial skills and competencies of young people in the field of the Green Deal and the Circular Economy through the implementation of innovative learning methodologies, particularly through the flipped and peer-to-peer methods.

In the pilot phase of the project, two types of training were conducted, each aimed at actively engaging young participants and promoting the growth of their entrepreneurial skills in the realms of the Green Deal and the Circular Economy.

1. One-day Online Training in Five Partner Countries:
The first step was a one-day online training conducted in five partner countries (Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, and Greece), involving 10 young participants per country. This event was based on a student-centered approach, implementing flipped and peer-to-peer learning methodologies. During this phase, the group of participants was instructed on the basics of green entrepreneurship within the framework of the Green Deal and the Circular Economy through the Green Up e-learning platform.

2. Organization of One-day Events in Five Partner Countries:
The second step involved organizing one-day events in five partner countries, with the participation of 20 young people per country. During these events, the 10 participants who had already received training on GREEN-UP topics initiated discussions to share their knowledge with their “freshly started” counterparts, contributing to the creation of new approaches and ideas. The traditional role of the “teacher” was downsized to that of discussion coordinator, with the main educational process implemented among young people divided into separate groups (10 with previous knowledge and 10 without). During the training, youth also contributed to the co-design of micro-modules.

These occasions were also significant for staff training, with three youth workers from each partner country becoming familiar with the contents and guidelines of GREEN-UP micro-training.

These trainings represented a unique opportunity for young participants to acquire practical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in the field of the Green Deal and the Circular Economy. Thanks to the innovative method of flipped learning, the GREEN-UP project was able to offer an engaging and interactive learning environment, promoting the sharing of knowledge and ideas among participants.

With our main methodology successfully tested, we are now ready for the next step of the Green Up project: the youth training in Potenza, Italy, which will take place from May 21st to 23rd, 2024, where the flipped and peer-to-peer methodology will be implemented at the international level!

If you missed the Green Up platform, where you can learn more about the project and access the e-learning platform with the micro-training modules, here is the link: