🚀 We are proud to share that the #EMBRACE project has officially launched!
The project’s kick-off meeting took place last Friday in Vilnius, Lithuania. Partners had the chance to meet in person, discuss the project’s activities and decide on the upcoming steps!

📌 The #EMBRACE project aims to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and impacts of #climate_change on young people aged 16-29 in Lithuania, Italy, and Greece. The project intends to equip youth workers, including educators, social workers, teachers, and others, with the knowledge, skills, tools, and competencies necessary to properly educate and prepare young people to deal with #climate_anxiety.
🌍 The project’s ultimate goal is to build a resilient, innovative, and modern youth education system that will enable young people to overcome climate anxiety and become agents for #positive_environmental_change.

✅Stay with us, more updates coming soon!

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