Project Name: EMBRACE
Programme: Erasmus+
Priority: KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth
Project ID: 2022-3-LT02-KA210-YOU-000094023
Website: https://www.embrace-climate.eu/
Social media: Facebook page l LinkedIn page
Duration: 01/02/2023 – 01/06/2024
Topics: Green skills, New learning and teaching methods and approaches, Physical and mental health, Well-being.

Project Description

The EMBRACE project aims to better understand the feelings, thoughts, and impacts associated with climate change among young people (aged 16-29) in Lithuania, Italy, and Greece and to equip youth workers (educators, social workers, teachers, and others) with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and competencies to properly educate and prepare young people to tackle climate anxiety.

Project Consortium

Project Coordinator
ART+INN – Lithuania


  • Connectus M.IKE – Greece
  • CULTUM – Italy

Project Results

Activity 1 Project management and coordination

Activity 2 ‘EMBRACE’ analysis of youth’s emotions in relation to climate change

Activity 3 ‘EMBRACE’ digital map of EU and local climate action measures and best practices

Activity 4 ‘EMBRACE’ microteaching modules for youth workers

Our role

CONNECTUS, will merge all the information into one final international state-of-art report, which will be translated into all partner languages under activity 1. Connectus will also contribute to develop a centralised digital map of EU and national climate action tools and best practices in Lithuania, Italy and Greece as well as to the development of the 45 microteaching modules based on joint analysis, implementation of training activities for youth workers and the final conference.


  • 300 young people (aged from 16 to 29) will be surveyed in partner countries to develop state-of-the-art report,
  • ‘EMBRACE’ digital map will be created, consisting of at least 45 strategies, initiatives, and best practices from EU and partners countries,
  • 45 microteaching modules for youth workers will be developed,
  • 30 youth workers from partner countries will take part in national training events,
  • 45 youth workers outside the partnership, will take part in the final online conference.