CollaboratiVET: First online kick-off meeting

  🎉 1st kick-off meeting for CONNECTUS The #CollaboratiVET consortium met this week in Belgium, to officially kick off the project. CollaboratiVET aims to integrate the #flipped approach to #VET institutions enhancing VET teachers’ #skills and competences to be corresponded to the 21st century skills alongside with the stimulating activities in the era of collaboration so as to maximize the capacity of each VET student capacity. The consortium will work to achieve the following results:📌 Development of a framework for the establishment of collaboration practice through the use of Flipped Approach in VET📌Development of training curriculum for the design and delivery of a Flipped Approach collaborative learning environment📌Delivery of a Toolbox with 20 collaborative activities Stay tuned!

Activism Against Ableism kick-off meeting in València

🎉 We are excited to announce the official #Kick_off meeting for the project #ActivsmAgainstAbleism in Valencia! #CONNECTUS is leading WP4 “Activism Against Ableism” for #youth#workers, which aims to create resources for the dissemination of the methodology developed in the previous WP among youth workers that work with differently abled young citizens and train them through an LTTA. 👫 Together with our partner organizations, we established plans and strategies for the project. 👉 The project aims to foster #social_awareness on #disability and #ableism by supporting Young European citizens with disability to become socially and politically active, promoting their #participation_and_activism regarding disability policies and challenging social, cultural and employment policies that favor ableism – the #discrimination_and_social_prejudice against people with disabilities that favors able bodied people. #KickOff#ActivsmAgainstAbleism#CONNECTUS#social_awareness#disability#ableism#participation_and_activism#discrimination_and_social_prejudice

GREEN-UP project’s kick-off meeting

  We had the kick-off meeting of project #GreenUp. #Connectus is leading WP3 “Development of “GREEN-UP” e-platform”, in order to create supportive, responsive, and collaborative digital working environment. #GREENUP project will enable the green entrepreneurial skill development of youth by implementing novel learning methodologies to the curriculum. The project will focus on three elements: Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education, environment and climate change, employability. Stay tuned for more! Verslumo institutas – Lithuania PROJECTS FOR EUROPE PFE – Belgium Exeo Lab Srl – Italy Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja, Maribor – Slovenia Connectus M.IKE – Greece #entrepreneurship #education #envirorment #erasmusplus #Connectus  


It was the opening of #𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓾𝓼 Our #friends and #family who joined us at our new #office, made this day unforgettable. Thank you all for inspiring us to do better. #Connectus#newoffice#newbeginnings Previous Next